Working Together...

Guerrillas Color Outside of the Lines When It Comes to Attracting New Customers

Guerrilla Marketers scan the horizon to determine which businesses have the same kind of prospects and standards as they do so they can form joint marketing efforts (a.k.a. Fusion / Affiliate marketing). Whether you're an entrepreneur, solo-preneur, an on-line business or a bricks and mortar business, you're leaving opportunity on the table if you have not formed as many Fusion / Affiliate marketing relationships as humanly possible.
Working Together...

How Do You Effectively Leverage Affiliate / Fusion Marketing?

It's all in the details when it comes to creating a successful flow of prospects. Guerrillas know that they accomplish a great deal more combining efforts with other like-minded Guerrillas with whom they share a common focus or goal, than they do on their own. Working with a like-minded person or business gives you both the opportunity to expand your reach while providing added value to your customers. Identifying and establishing relationships creates an opportunity for you to shine - now is your time to get very creative and measure your performance along the way.
How Do You Effectively Leverage Affiliate / Fusion Marketing?

What will you learn?

Creating a collaboration of marketing talent, money and ideas is an opportunity that Guerrillas take full advantage of.

  • What kind of partners to looks for

  • Evaluating potential oppurtunities

  • The type of agreement to and not-to create

  • Thinking outside of the box to create offers that make a memorable experience for your customers and their customers

  • Tips and tactics for finding partners

  • Tips and tactics for measuring your success with each partner

Course curriculum

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    Affiliate & Fusion Marketing Partners
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    • Let's Get Going with Ideas, Tips and Tactics...
    • How Do You Find Fusion/Affiliate Partners?
    • Affiliate - Fusion Partners Worksheet
    • How to Setup Your Ideal Fusion Marketing Arrangement
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