60 Profitable Guerrilla Copywriting Tips in 60 Minutes

Let your copy set you apart and increase your sales.

This is course 1 (of 2) that includes tips 1-30 in approximately 30 minutes. Can you imagine spending such a short amount of time learning, from the best of the best, how to write copy that sells?
60 Profitable Guerrilla Copywriting Tips in 60 Minutes

Let your words sell for you

Now is the time to take this low cost - high impact action that will teach you how to win more sales and improve your business. Do you want to grow your profits simply by improving your copy?

Copywriting seems like a simple task but make no mistake about its impact and importance. One simple word can be the difference in your results. These 60 proven tips (delivered in two separate courses with 30 tips in each) will increase your skills as you move prospects and customers to take action and to say "yes".
Let your words sell for you

What will you learn?

David Garfinkel and Jay Conrad Levinson share the expertise they gained in their combined 70 years of marketing success. Learn proven words that sell and words that repel. Also learn about your focus and mindset while you write, the structure of your writing, the impact of a story and so much more. Whether you write your own copy or your have someone else doing it, your time is very well invested in winning more sales increasing your profits.

  • Copy That Sells

  • Story Telling and Testimonials

  • Ear and Eye Words

  • The Most Important Words in Copywriting

  • Build To Yes

  • Common Mistakes

Course curriculum

  • 1
    60 Profitable Tips in 60 Enlightening Minutes (audio course)
    • Tip 1 - Seek Knowledge
    • Tip 2 - Problem Solving or Dream Realization
    • Tip 3 - Headlines
    • Tip 4 - Truth and Believable
    • Tip 5 - Individual Focus FREE PREVIEW
    • Tip 6 - Desired Action
    • Tip 7 - Deliver News
    • Tip 8 - Inducing to "Yes"
    • Tip 9 - Most Important Words In Copywriting
    • Tip 10 - From There to Here
    • Tip 11 - Timeliness
    • Tip 12 - Learn From Outrageous
    • Tip 13 - Questions That Sell
    • Tip 14 - Hollywood Examples
    • Tip 15 - Free
    • Quiz 1 - let's see how your doing...
    • Tip 16 - What's Interesting
    • Tip 17 - Tell A Great Story
    • Tip 18 - Zero In
    • Tip 19 - Create A Strong Bond
    • Tip 20 - Your Focus And State
    • Tip 21 - Three Links In The Process
    • Tip 22 - Write For Your Prospect
    • Tip 23 - Testimonials
    • Tip 24 - Bullet-points
    • Tip 25 - Compelling
    • Tip 26 - Testimonials With Impact
    • Tip 27 - Ten Things Copy Must Be
    • Tip 28 - Creating Action
    • Tip 29 - Ear and Eye Words
    • Tip 30 - Wants And Needs
    • Quiz 2 - let's wrap it up...
  • 2
    200+ Guerrilla Marketing Ideas
    • 200+ Guerrilla Marketing Ideas Download
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Meet Your Instructor

  • Jay Conrad Levinson

    The Creator of Guerrilla Marketing

    Jay Conrad Levinson

    Jay Conrad Levinson is the creator of the first Guerrilla Marketing book.  His books sold more than 21 million copies worldwide, appear in 62 languages and have become the most powerful brand in the history of marketing.  The "Guerrilla Marketing - Classic" lessons, feature Jay in print, audio or video.

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